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Privacy Notice

Respectfully fully-organized.co.nz for the privacy of our visitors / customers, which is very important to us. We are seriously considering your online security. We have provided a better service and explained the following privacy statement so that you know how to use your information website.

1. Collected Information
I think you're important to use our website and know what kind of information we collect. This information includes email, name, company name, address, postcode, city, country, phone number, password, and so on. We collect this information in a number of ways and, first of all, fill in and aggregate non-personal information, we use cookies to visit our website. Information that can identify your unique individual includes information such as your credit card number and bank account number. This information is yours.

Information 2.
In order to use it without inserting more information, this site will help us more easily.
We will quickly find information, products and services.
To help you, we will create the most relevant content on this site.
We will advise you of new information, products and services.
Register and order:
During the registration process you are asked to enter your name, shipping address, billing address, phone number, e-mail address and credit card number. Also, we might ask you to provide your country / region, so that you can comply with relevant laws, we can also ask for your kind. These types of personal data are used for billing for you and for you, for communicating your order as well as for our site, as well as for communicating the purpose of internal marketing. If we process your problem order, we can contact you and you can use your personal information.
Email address:
We will send you a notification when you subscribe to receive free promotional orders and notifications and receive new brands and new product styles. To get these deals, just register our newsletter by email. It is completely voluntary for you to take part in the competition, you can choose to participate and we are releasing the information.

3. Security of personal information
We do not share information (or transactions or leases) to sell people to other companies as part of normal business. We must sign a confidentiality agreement that prevents all employees from disclosing information to employees and employees to access other individuals or groups We adopt and use the latest encryption technology.

What kind of email do you want to send to customers?
We have something similar to the following and we will send you all kinds of informative email content.
Includes order information, shipping and shipment notifications, weekly transactions, special promotions, exclusive deals, contests, gifts, and emails for special event transactions.

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